Introducing the Urban Farm Almanac


Merriam-Webster defines an almanac as “a book published every year that contains facts about the movements of the sun and moon, changes in the tides, and information of general interest.” The folks at Faulkner County Urban Farm Project are fond of farmers’ almanacs, so we’ve decided to start our own. Instead of an annual publication, we’re going to try for an ongoing column posted every two weeks (or whenever we have time and have something interesting to write about). It’ll include the regular types of information (minus the tides—Arkansas is a land-locked state, after all). For example, we’ll discuss what to plant and when, what the moon, stars and sun are up to, seasonal recipes, and whatever else strikes our fancy that week.

It’s October, so now is the time to plant cover crops and garlic. It’s still okay to seed mustard, collards, turnips and winter peas directly into the ground. Lettuce, cabbage and spinach can be transplanted from seedlings and will probably need some type of protection soon. This also applies to other cool crops like broccoli and cauliflower. Radishes can still be direct seeded, but they, too, will need protection before they mature. We’re building small hoop houses in hopes of extending our growing season well into winter. Stop by sometime, and we’ll show you how we’re making them. They're inexpensive and easy to construct.        

Click here for a yummy kale and squash appetizer recipe. Until next time, happy gardening!

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    Introducing the Urban Farm Almanac

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