Winter is coming.


Well, the days are getting shorter, and it's definitely getting colder! The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a colder than average winter for this region of the country, and if the last few days are any indication of what's to come, we best prepare ourselves, and our gardens, for a frosty winter.

So far our hoop houses are working as expected. We've got various types of lettuce, arugula, two kinds of kale, cabbage, dill, carrots and spinach in them. Kale and carrots can, generally, live through the winter without being covered, but we like those too much to risk leaving them all out in the cold! We also brought a few things, like cilantro and oregano, into the greenhouse and plan to seed some more herbs and greens both in there and in the hoop houses.

We were busy planting garlic earlier this month. It'll hopefully be ready to harvest late spring or early summer. Our turnips and mustard are also doing well. We mulched them all with straw and will just wait to see if they make it through the cold temperatures.

Tomorrow, November 14 is the last quarter moon. It'll rise around midnight tonight. Jupiter is also rising around the same time, and they'll appear close together in the sky just before dawn. If you wake before the sun's up, look for them both. Click here for more information.

'Tis the season for collards. I love them and will eat them pretty much any way I can get them. Here's a new recipe I can't wait to try.

Until next time, stay warm and happy gardening!

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  • commented 2014-11-13 20:25:21 -0600
    This my first year to try a hoop house. I’ve only got spinach planted but I’m eager to see how they fare with the sudden winter like weather we’ve gotten. Keep up the blogging. It’s a good read and resource.

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